Monday, November 19, 2007

Housewife and her Servant

Kavya came from a very simple, conservative family in Anand in Gujrat. She was married to Pravin Dalal. Pravin's family was very reputed in Mumbai stock market circle. The Dalal family had bought a 3 story apartment building in Goregaon. The ground floor belonged to Pravin's father and the flats on upper floors belonged to Pravin and his brothers each. Pravin was given the third floor. Though they had separate flats, the entire family cooked and ate their meals together in their parents' flats.

The Dalal family, though lived in modern city like Mumbai, still followed many old rituals. Women had to wear Saree and cover their head in front of seniors in the household. Men usually worked and women took care of household. Senior Dalal was now retired and he and his wife spent more time in their ancestral home in Vapi and lesser time, especially festival time, in Mumbai. But even when they were not in Mumbai, Pravin's eldest brother made sure that family rituals were followed.

Kavya took no time to settle down in her in-laws house after marriage. The culture was similar to her maternal home. She and Pravin had gone to Kulu Manali for honeymoon. Since talking about sex was a taboo in their families, both of them were uneducated in sex and struggled to have a painless intercourse. It was just when they seemed to learn the basic art of sex, honeymoon was over.

After the couple returned to Mumbai, their routine life started. Pravin and his brothers would leave home at 8:00 in the morning and return at 9:00 at night. Kavya would get out of the bed at 5:30 in the morning and join other women on the ground floor to prepare the breakfast and lunch for the men. After the men went home, the ladies would get back to their flats to do the daily chores and take much needed afternoon naps. The dinner preparations would start at 7:00 and by 10:30 at night, ladies would find time to retire in their bedrooms.

It would be an overstatement to say that Pravin and Kavya had a great sex life. Kavya got pregnant soon after their honeymoon and had gone to her parents' place for the delivery and postpartum care. After she returned, caring for baby was one more added responsibility for her. By the time, she would get to the bed, she used to be tired. Pravin's mood in bed depended on the way stock market moved. If the sensex was up and he had made decent bounty at work, Pravin cared less about Kavya's mood. He would just drag Kavya in his arms and undress her, play with her breasts and shove his penis inside her vagina and relieve himself, and then get off of her and lay besides her. Within few minutes he would start snoring. When sensex was down, he would just go to sleep. Kavya never required TV or newspapers to find out how the stock market performed.

It was about seven years since their marriage. Now, their son had started going to school. In past few years, Kavya had learned to use the computer and internet. In the afternoon when she had a relaxed time, she would log onto the Yahoo messenger and chat with other internet users. She also got introduced to cybersex. Kavya often spent time indulging into self stimulation while chatting on net. She had 2-3 male friends with whom she also did a webcam chat without revealing her face. In no time did Kavya become addicted to cyber sex followed by masturbation.

It was one of the summer holidays when Senior Mr. Dalal and his wife had come to Mumbai. They were accompanied by Somu, a 19 year old young boy. Somu's father worked in Mr. Dalal's household in Vapi. Mr. Dalal tried to educate Somu, but did not succeed. Although he did not do well in education, Somu was a hard worker and very reliable. Mr. Dalal thought Somu would be a big help for his growing family in Mumbai.

Somu was given the unused servant room on third floor. The room was self contained with attached small bathroom. Somu had been the big help for the ladies. Somu would spend the daytime brooming and wiping the floor of all the flats. During afternoon, he would put the washed clothes to dry for every flat. In the evening, he would help the ladies with dinner preparations and at nights, he would wash the utensils and get back to his room. Everyone in the household adored Somu and they treated him very good.

It was 11 in the morning of one Tuesday. Kavya had just finished a very naughty chat with her male chat friend. She shut down the computer. She removed all her clothes and threw them in the washing machine and went to the bathroom to take shower. She was still thinking about the hot chat she had and in those thoughts, she forgot to shut the bathroom door. The cool sprinkles of the shower sent currents through her body. The naughty thoughts still lingered in her mind and she started playing with her breasts in the shower. Her back was facing the bathroom entrance. Kavya was indulged in self stimulation. She also started massaging her clitoris. The shower was cooling her hot body.

When Kavya was busy in the bathroom pleasing herself, Somu entered her flat as usual to do the brooming. He was surprised to hear the noise of shower. Since it was not Kavya's usual time of shower, he thought that Kavya left the water on and hence he headed towards the bathroom. The bathroom door was half shut. Without realizing that Kavya was inside, Somu pushed the door. Kavya's reflexes acted upon hearing the door's cracking sound and she turned around and screamed seeing Somu. Somu froze right there, his jaw dropped, in disbelief of what he was seeing in front of him. Kavya's wet breasts with erect nipples had caught his attention. Kavya's hand was still on her genital area. Somu came to the senses within two seconds and he murmured "Sorry babhi" and he rushed out of the bathroom and stood in the balcony. He was shaking due to the shock.

Inside the bathroom, Kavya sat on the bathroom stool. She too was breathing heavily. After her breathing normalized, Kavya realized that she had forgotten to bring her new pair of clothes in the bathroom. She had also forgotten to bring her bath towel since she had entered the bathroom with naughty thoughts going in her mind. Now, with Somu still being in the flat, she couldn't even come out of bathroom. She stood behind the bathroom door and called out for Somu. "Somu, give me my bath towel". She had to repeat twice before Somu understood and said "Ji Bhabhi I am bringing it". Somu gave her the towel through a small gap created by half-shut bathroom door. Kaya's smooth, wet hand touched Somu's. That touch sent shivers through Somu's body. After taking the towel, Kavya asked Somu to go out of the bedroom and shut the door behind him.

Somu could not forget the incident whole rest of the day. The wet nude image of Kavya Bhabhi lingered in his mind which gave him erection. Its not that Somu had seen nudity first time in his life. In his village, he had often seen the ladies taking bath in the river. And the bare breasts peeping through their wet sarees had fed many of his fantasies during his adolescent days. But today, he had seen a complete nude female within a couple of feet distance. He masturbated that night. Kavya too could not forget Somu's reaction. Whenever Somu's reaction flashed in her mind, that memory actually aroused her. Kavya too used that incident to fantasize next day and masturbate.

Just a few days after that incident, Somu was folding the dried clothes in the balcony attached to Pravin - Kavya's bedroom. At the same time, Kavya entered the bedroom and her attention went to Somu. She noticed that Somu had held her bra in his had and staring at it. His other had was over his pants. Kavya realized that he was having erection feeling her bra in his hands. Somu had started having secret attraction towards her. She didn't say a word and whisked out of the bedroom. Somu had not noticed her at all.

Kavya came to the living room and sat on a reclining chair thinking about what she just saw. She was aroused. A young 19 year old boy was attracted toward this 32 year old, little chubby lady. She was surprised that instead of disapproving Somu's this behavior, she actually though of encouraging it. She decided to tease Somu. She unhooked the top two buttons of her blouse and adjusted her pallu so that her cleavage was apparent. Then, she leaned her head back against the chair and called out for Somu.

Somu came to the living room. Kavya told him that she was having a bad headache and she wanted Somu to bring a balm and massage it. Somu got the balm and stood behind the chair Kavya sat in. He started to massage her head. Kavya shut her eyes. While massaging Kavya's head, Somu was getting a good glimpse of Kavya's cleavage. Kavya opened the eyes to look at Somu. Somu's eyes were fixated on her cleavage. "Somu!", Kavya called him. Somu quickly set his eyes off of her. She smiled in her mind and said to him, "Your hands have magic. I am fine now. Go finish your work". Somu obliged and went back to the balcony.

Kavya got up and went to her bedroom and lied on the bed pretending to sleep. While lying on the bed, she lifted her saree a bit to expose her legs upto the knee level. Somu noticed Kavya's entry in the bedroom and getting into the bed. He continued to fold clothes. He stared at Kavya's exposed, very smooth leg while working. Kavya knew he would be staring at her. After Somu was done with the work, he left Kavya's flat to work on second floor. After he left, Kavya thought of Somu's expressions with her bra in his hands and then him staring at his cleavage. The thoughts aroused her enough to feel wetness in her groins. Her hand automatically moved over her genitals and she started simulating herself. Somu was becoming her leading fantasy hero. Much better than the virtual net friends.

Kavya continued to tease Somu everyday in some way or the other. Sometimes she would roam around with white semi transparent gown. Other times she would wear saree and blouse without a bra. Somu had started noticing that Kavya was intentionally doing this. He too became bold and continued to stare at Kavya's vital assets despite the knowledge that Kavya was aware of his staring. Both now started making eye contacts. Both of them fantasized each other while indulged in masturbating. Kavya often thought of the bathroom incident.

One day, Kavya decided to repeat the bathroom incident. She timed going in shower with Somu's entry in her flat for routine cleaning work. As she heard Somu climbing steps, she rushed to the bedroom, removed all her clothes and threw them into the washing machine and got into the bathroom. Kavya pushed the bathroom door only little. There was enough gap for someone to peep inside the bathroom. She started the shower. This time, she stood such that her front faced the bathroom entrance. When Somu entered the flat, he heard the sound of shower. He remembered the last incident and his feet automatically turned to the bathroom. He was very careful. He saw the bathroom door half open and he could clearly see Kavya, complete nude. Kavya was applying soap to her naked body. Somu got an instant erection and he put his hand inside his pants to hold his throbbing penis.

Kavya looked at Somu. Both of them had an eye contact. Kavya stopped applying the soap and just stood there looking at him. Somu's hand was still in his pants. Now Kavya shut the bathroom door and washed the soap off of her body. Then, she called Somu and asked him to give her the towel. Somu got the towel and slid it through a narrow opening of the door. Kavya took the towel. Unlike last time, she did not ask Somu to leave the room. She wiped herself and wrapped the towel around her and opened the door.

Somu was standing outside looking at his feet. Kavya came out of the bathroom and stood in front of him. Somu was shaking. Kavya held her hand and put on her chest. Somu's fingers touched Kavya's cleavage. Somu looked in her eyes. He had become very anxious and clueless of what was going to happen. Kavya touched his pants. She felt his erect penis. She signaled him to remove his pants. Somu followed her instruction. His penis popped out. It was very big. Definitely bigger than her husband's. Kavya fondled with it and his tight balls.

Now she took her towel off and pulled Somu's head and buried it between her 36D fully blossomed breasts. Somu did not need further instructions and he started kissing them. Kavya held her left breast in hand with the erect nipple pointed towards Somu. Somu sucked the nipple like a hungry calf. "Somu..." Kavya's sister in law yelled from the second floor. They both parted from each other. Somu pulled up his pants and rushed downstairs. He was getting late to his next duty. Kavya threw herself on the bed. She was still wet. It did not matter today if the stock market was up or down. Kavya found her own way of hedging the Sensex! After relieving herself, Kavya got up, put on the dress and resumed her normal routine.

It was just within a couple of days when all ladies of the household planned to go for shopping in the afternoon. They wanted to check out a new mall opened in Mulund. Kavya thought it was a right time for her to make her next move towards Somu. Although she was very enthusiastic about planning this shopping trip, at the time when all ladies were ready to leave, Kavya pretended of a bad headache and excused herself to be at home. After the ladies left home, Kavya went to her bedroom and changed into her favorite white sleeveless gown. She then called for Somu. Somu responded from downstairs. She asked "Everybody gone?" He replied from downstairs "Yes Bhabhi". "Come upstairs I need a head massage".

Somu left the work he was doing and rushed to Kavya's flat. Kavya was standing behind the main door. After he entered, Kavya shut the door and secured all the locks. Somu looked at her. He noticed that Kavya was not wearing a bra. She was looking very sexy in her white sleeveless gown. Kavya turned towards him. Somu knew what was coming. Kavya looked at him and bit her lower lip. She was looking very seductive. Somu moved towards her. Kavya pulled his hand and dragged him closer to her. He put his arms around her. Kavya lifted her face to look at him and signaled him to kiss. He obliged, but didn't know much about good kissing. Kavya kissed his upper lips and with her tongue, she parted his lips and shoved her tongue inside his mouth. Kavya felt Somu's erection. His erect penis inside his pants was rubbing against Kavya's thighs.

Kavya now moved away from Somu and asked him to follow her to the bedroom. After they went to the bedroom, Kavya locked the bedroom door and said "Remove your clothes". Somu looked at her puzzled. "Do as I say" Kavya firmly said. Somu had to obey her orders. He was shaking. He removed his shirt and lowered his pants and underwear. Somu had a well built body with six pack abdomen. His chest was hairless. He had worn a black string around his waist which was very typical in his village. Kavya also noticed his black, about 7 inches of erect penis. Somu's body was far superior to Kavya's husband, Pravin's. Pravin was bulky, with fatty chest and stomach and too much of hair on the chest. His penis was easily 1.5 inches shorter than that of Somu's.

Somu stood naked in front of Kavya. After taking a good look at his entire body Kavya came closer to him. She put her palms over his chest and pushed him. Somu fell on the bed. Kavya signaled him to move up on the bed. Somu moved up. Now Kavya lifted her gown and removed her panty and came on the bed. She sat over Somu. Her vagina was rubbing against Somu's hardened penis. Somu felt the wetness of her vagina. Now Kavya lowered her upper body. Her breasts rested against Somu's hard chest. She kissed Somu's lips. Somu put his hands over Kavya's buttocks. And instinctively, he pressed them. Kavya naughtily smiled and looked at him. Kavya noticed that he was getting overwhelmed. She too was aroused.

Kavya again sat straight over Somu. She adjusted herself to get Somu's penis inside her vagina. It was such a warm feeling. The penis was touching every inch of an inside wall. Kavya felt the tip of penis touching her G Spot. She started stroking. Somu could not bear the sweet pains and he was squirming. Kavya was amused to see a strong well built man moaning and squirming helplessly due to her actions. It was first time she was driving the sexual act. Her husband never let her do that. The thoughts aroused Kavya even further. She started stroking harder.

After about a couple of minutes, Somu held her hips and stopped her stroking. He pushed his penis deep inside her. He held it in that position just for a fraction of second before a big squirt of his sperm exploded inside her vagina. Kavya felt the warm sperm deep inside. She also felt the vaginal contractions. Last time she experienced vaginal contraction was when she delivered. But it was a great feeling this time. She also felt a squirt of her fluid. She had read about vaginal orgasm, but today was the first time she experienced it. And her partner responsible was her servant. Not her husband.