Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brother In Law seducing his Bhabhi (Part 2)

After the cleanup, bhabhi made a nice tea with ginger in it for both of us. We sat on the sofa in the living room, very close to each other. I put my arm around her and held the tea cup in other hand. "Oh! it feels so romantic to sit in your arms like this Anil. I and your brother have never cuddled like this ever." "Ummm" I responded and kissed her cheeks. "When you and I are togather, don't talk about my brother Bhabhi. It turns me off" I said. She laughed and said, "Turns you off or makes you feel guilty for stealing his wife?" We both laughed. "Okay! I will not talk about him." Bhabhi said. It was about 4:30 now and it was time for Mohit's school to end its session. Bhabhi asked me if I could fetch him from school on the bike so he would be happy. I agreed and stepped out of the house.

Since I took my bike to Mohit's school, I reached pretty early. So, to kill time, I took a stroll around the school. When I saw the chemist, I realized that I had to buy condoms. I had never bought condoms in the past. Since the chemist had no rush, I approached the store. Before I could even ask for it, two ladies came to the shop asking for sanitary napkins. But seeing them, I got very nervous. They did not hesitate to ask for the sanitary napkins, but I felt so nervous asking for a condom. The chemist asked me what I wanted, so I just asked for few Halls tablets and lingered there until the ladies went. After they went, I asked the chemist for condoms. Due to the fear of someone else over hearing, I spoke so soft that the chemist did not even understand. I had no choice but loudly ask for it. Good lord! I finally had enough courage to ask for condoms. But it was not easy.

The bugger asked me what type, flavored, ribbed, max pleasure which ones. Now that made a difficult choice. Stupidly, I asked him what the difference is. The chemist naughtily smiled and asked, "You seem a newbie. Who are you doing with Girl friend or wife or prostitute?" Oh man! I was not going to do with either of these. I was going to do it with my Bhabhi. But I could not have said that so I said girl friend. He finally gave me a 10-pack of Kamsutra deluxe ribbed condoms wrapped in a paper bag. I paid him and as I left, I heard him saying, "Enjoy!" I looked back at him and smiled.

As I brought Mohit home, Bhabhi gave us warm snacks and then sat with Mohit to check his homework. I went to my room and relaxed. It was indeed a hectic day for me. At night when we were having dinner, I could not see my brother Rohan eye to eye. But surprisingly Shobha Bhabhi was normal as usual. As if nothing had happened between her and me. She had actually cheated on my brother today. But me being a party of crime, I had no morale right to be angry upon her. I convinced myself that my brother must not be keeping her happy. That night, I again masturbated thinking of what happened in the noon and went to bed.

Next day, I saw Shobha Bhabhi logged in the yahoo chat in the noon. I pinged her, "Hey my sweetest Bhabhi, How are you". She sent me a kissing smiley and said, "Me doing good my sexy brother in law!" Her Instant message brought an instant hardness in my pants. I looked around to make sure that no one was reading my chats and then I too sent her a kissing smiley. "I feel like coming home right now to be with you Jaanu!" I said. "mmmm... You are making me hot dear" my Bhabhi said. Man! I could not stop now. "Wait." I wrote to her and went to my team lead.

I told my team lead that I felt very uneasy and the headache was very bad even after taking crocin so had to go. I also told him that I would cover up for lost time by coming on weekend. Being a typical boss, the bugger liked the idea that his team's productivity would not be down so he agreed. Swiftly, I came back to my desk and wrote to her "I am coming to you Jaanu!!! Be ready" "Hurraaay!" She wrote. She also did not forget to remind me about the condoms. I shut my PC down, picked up my helmet and left the office.

I reached home in 45 minutes. I thought it was the longest ever drive I have had. I impatiently kept ringing the door until Bhabhi opened it. As soon as I entered the house, I shut the door behind me and took her in my arms and started kissing her wildly. She stopped me and said "Lets go to my bedroom". I followed her. As we entered the bedroom, I locked the bedroom door. "Brought Condoms?" She asked. "Yes! Let me get them from my room" I said and swiftly left her bedroom to fetch condoms. I entered her bedroom waving condoms in my hand. She smiled as she removed her clothes. "Take your clothes off" She ordered me. I threw the condom's pack on the bed and removed my clothes. My erect tool popped out.

She lied on the bed and opened her arms inviting me over her. I jumped over her and started kissing her again. "You are so sexy bhabhi." I said. "ummm" she responded. "Suck my nipple" she whispered. I moved down and picked her left side nipple and licked it and started sucking it. My cock was rubbing over her inner thigh. She moaned softly. After giving a good suck to both of her boobs for a minute or so, She pulled one condom from the pack and opened it and gave to me. I wore it over my tool and then she asked me to lie on my back and she came over me. She held my cock and inserted inside her vagina. "Ah!" I exclaimed. I just lost my virginity. Despite wearing the condom, I could feel the wetness and warmth of her insides. Bhabhi rested her knees on the bed alongside my legs and did up and down movement with my cock inside her. As she moved, her boobs bounced. I put my hands over them to squeeze them. She bent forward to kiss me. Her boobs pressed against my chest. My hands held her buttocks. What a feeling it was.

After a pause in this position for 10 seconds or so, She again started stroking me. As she stroked, she moaned. As she increased her pace of stroking, her moans became deeper. I was enjoying watching her boobs bounce as I held her ass. We were totally involved in the act and her mobile rang. "Oh no! who is calling me now?" she said and reached her mobile. "Its your brother!" she said looking at the number and picked up the phone. Bhabhi was talking to my brother while still riding on me, with my erect cock inside her. I watched her naked body and caressed her beautiful boobs, and listened to her conversation. "Anil is home today. He got bad headache" she was telling her husband. Probably my brother asked her to give me crocin because she was telling him, "Don't worry, I will give him a good medicine. He should be fine by the time you return. Don't worry. Now let me hang up and look after your brother okay? Muaaah" She hung up the phone. "Look after your brother huh?" I asked and we laughed. "My poor brother does not know how his wife looks after his brother" I said. We both laughed again. Bhabhi again kissed me and said, "You should thank your brother for not paying attention at me. Else, you would never get a piece of me!" "Oh! bhabhi, I would be missing something precious then!"

Now Shobha bhabhi asked me to sit on the bed instead of lying down. I did so. She again came over me and inserted my dick and wrapped her arms around my neck. Our bodies were rubbing against each other. I held her by the flanks. her legs wrapped around my waist. It was a great love making position. We both kissed each other as she moved up and down. She moved such that my dick would get deep inside her touching her uterus and then she would move up so it retracted towards the opening. She was so wet that it was very smooth movement.

I bent my head down to kiss her boobs. She parted her upper body from me and bent backwards with the support of her arms resting on the bed. Her boobs lifted upwards and I kissed and sucked them. "Don't bite whatsoever ok? Your brother will suspect otherwise!" She instructed me. So I was careful while sucking and licking her boobs. She kept on moving up and down. We both were very intimate now. We forgot about our relationship of Bhabhi and Dewar. We were just a man and woman, united together, experiencing the bliss. Her long moans were indicative of her satisfaction. I wondered how come my brother ignored such a sexy, horny wife. He had to be a looser. Thank goodness at least I recognized her potential. Else, she would go outside of our family to get satisfied.

It must have been 10 minutes we'd been having intercourse, when Bhabhi separated from me. She looked completely under the control of sex god. She now lied on the bed with her legs folded in knees. She asked me to come in between her legs and insert my cock. I did so with her guidance. "Fuck me hard now!" She ordered. I felt like a slave of my dear bhabhi. But I didn't mind being her slave. She has always commanded me in past. As an elder brother's wife, she had right to command me.

I started stroking her. "Hard harder Anil!" she said. I followed her instruction. "Oh, fuck me baby fuck!" she exclaimed. I couldn't believe that my otherwise conservative, god worshiping bhabhi was actually using the word FUCK. It was so exciting. I started stroking her harder. Bhabhi was biting her lips and holding back her desire to scream. I sensed that my cock inside was immersed in her juices and there was some spray like sensation. I had read in books that only few women ejaculate at high intensity. That time I wondered if I would ever experience such ejaculation, and as a matter of fact, I experienced a strong woman ejaculation on the day of loosing virginity. I must have been very lucky! That spray like feeling was enough for me to loose my control. I got deep inside my bhabhi and gave 2-3 jerks to ejaculate. She opened her eyes and looked at me and said, "What an experience Anil! Thanks!" "Oh you are welcome Bhabhi" I murmured and fell on her naked body. I was damn exhausted.

Bhabhi asked, "Tired my boy?" "Hmmm" I said. She moved her hand over my head and we remained like that speechless. I was feeling very light. After lying like that for 3-4 minutes, I got up and looked at her. She pulled my head and kissed me and said, "You did well Anil!" "So did you my dear!" I said to my Bhabhi. We then got separated. I picked up my clothes and went to my study and bhabhi went inside her bathroom to cleanup.

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